About US

Bioart Medical

Bioart Medical, Istanbul-based company was founded in June 2004 which has made a name in the Interventional Cardiology Industry within a short period of time, it is an organisation which is serving in the field of Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventional Radiology. It takes the high quality products as a duty which are indispensable for human health in the diagnosis and treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases and Peripheral Vascular Diseases, keeps customer satisfaction at the forefront.

Besides consciousness of our responsibility, by anticipating solution partnership projects, our company has been managed to receive appreciation of the sector. Bioart Medical, with its over 70 employes, is actively operating with mainly Istanbul head office, branch offices in İzmir, Ankara, Adana and continues to work with distribution network throughout Turkey.

Our mission and the most important priority is to contribute to human welfare. Our greatest gain is to see the improvment of thousands of people’s health in every year.

Our goal is following the high-tech products that are constantly being renewed and developed; offering these products to the hospitals and physicians in Turkey at the same time with the world market; providing the usage of our national brand in Turkish Republics and Central Asia hospitals.